The Iona Gallery is laid out with a small entrance hall, with a WC on the left, disabled adapted, and a glass entrance door into the area known as the 'Small Gallery'. This gallery can be hired individually, by the week (normally with setup on Sunday opening from Monday to Saturday with cleardown Saturday evening) or for one off community events by the day or the evening. It has good wall space with j-rail hanging systems and can take a surprising number of works, though best avoid very large pictures which can 'drown' the space. Behind one wall is a kitchen area with sink, two kettles, mugs and glasses. Tables can be set up in this area making it very suitable for craft workers staging exhibitions on their own, or with a group.

In the small gallery, on your right, is a wide opening through into the main gallery which is a substantial rectangular unobstructed space, with a storage room at the right hand end (the doors are set into the wall and hanging is permitted over them once you are sure you have anything you need out of store) and a fire / disabled exit/entrance in the far left corner. The gallery's air source heat pump is on the left hand end wall, mounted high, delivering filtered warm air. There is a pull down screen on the right hand end wall over the storeroom doors, but you will need your own digital projector.

There are three moveable double-sided walls which can be used to control flow and increase display space. These walls can carry overboard clip on lights (supplied) but care must be taken to position walls close to a floor mounted socket (of which there are many) or adjacent to wall socket. This is essential to avoid trip hazards. There are several white box 'plinths' (either in the main gallery or stored away). There are two benches and a sofa, whilst in the storeroom there are eighty plus chairs available.

Immediately left by the entrance to the main gallery, is the reception desk. This is sited so it provides the best possible view of both main and small galleries as well as the entrance/exit and must not be moved under any circumstances.

The gallery has a telephone and broadband internet connection - the access code is on the underside of the router in the corner of the small gallery.

The gallery does have a tablet and izettle card reading facility, normally set to accept money into the sbsa account, but you can have the option to use your own card reader / tablet set up, use ours if you have an izettle account (we can set up our tablet/reader to go to your account), or use ours going to our bank account and be paid (less 1.75% commission) at the end of your exhibition. If you are planning sales, we do strongly recommend some kind of card facility as many folk now carry virtunally no cash.
The Main Gallery can be hired as a whole individually, together with the small gallery, or alternatively as half of the main gallery. When hired as a half, the moveable walls are set in a fixed position two out from far end and one from near side to allow a staggered space in between for access to each half. When a half is booked, first one has choice of which half. The main gallery can be used for smaller community events in the evenings even when exhibitions are running, and when otherwise not in use, is available for one off community events by the day or the evening.