£180 per week. (Members £150 per week) additional days £35 (£30)
weekly pricing is on the basis of normal set up being the Wednesday, open Thursday to Monday, cleardown Monday evening and Tuesday am by arrngement. Extra days either side may be available depending on schedules. When more than one week is booked, the intervening Tuesdays and Wednesdays can be open if required. Hirer responsible for manning and accepting sales.

if available £100 per week, first booking of half has choice of which half required.
Members £80 per week, additional days £15
basis as above. Hirer responsible jointly (if other half hired) for manning nd accepting sales.

Normal main gallery hires have the small gallery as reception / pay area, with a selection of members' work on display on the small gallery walls and in the entrance hall cabinets. Hirers as above also agree to administer and accept payment for sales made from the small gallery or entrance hall.
The small gallery is no longer available on its own.
One off day hires for exhibitions or events other than community events (see below) are no longer available,.
When space is available, we welcome community events, either during the day or the evening. Community events are defined as events run by any community group within Badenoch and Strathspey which has a properly defined constitution and community aims. For these groups, the premises can be hired for just £30 for the main gallery or £20 for the small gallery, to cover any part of a day from 10am through to 9pm
If the chairs are required it is a condition that these are laid out beforehand and put back afterwards by the hiring group. 80 chairs and eight tables are available, plus drop down projection screen (bring your own projection equipment). As exhibitions will normally be running between April and October, the walls are unlikely to be available.