Gallery hirers are subject to the following terms and conditions :

Hirers are responsible for their own manning, except by specific negotiation with SBSA
Hirers are entirely responsible for the safe keeping of their works and other equipment brought into the gallery and must take out their own insurance or accept their risk.
Hireers are responsible for any damage caused to the gallery during their hire. In particular, any residual marks or screw holes etc in or on the walls must be cleaned up. There is filler, paint and equipment provided in the store.
Hirers are responsible for their own publicity and associated costs although if informtion and a digital copy of your poster is supplied, this will be promoted through our website and social media. The earlier this is received, the better, but at least one clear full month beforehand, preferably two if possible.
The provided j-rail and hanging rod system should normally be used for hanging.
The reception desk must not be moved from its installed position
the fire exit, which is also the disabled entrance, must be kept clear
Care must be taken to leave no trailing cables or other material where they may cause a trip hazard.
If using the small gallery, a clear route through to the kitchen area must be left for all gallery users.
Hires must not extend outside the agreed period.
The air source heat pump is designed to be continuously on and will have been set appropriately. The remote control should not be adjusted. Ofthere is a heating problem, call the emergency numbers below.
It would be gratefully accepted if hirers could water the hanging baskets, especially in hot weather, if we ver get any.
No nails or screws may be used to affix any material to the walls without prior agreement.
The use of blu-tac or white tac to affix labels etc to the walls is specifically banned. Removeable glue dots should be used and must be carefully peeled off afterwards.
Hirers must ensure that the intruder alarm is set and doors properly locked on leaving. It is especially important to check that the fire exit is secure if it has been used during the day.
There is a user manual containing all the latest up to date information and details of light switches, codes, alarms etc which will be available for download from this page. A copy is also permanently on the reception desk.