The society does not and cannot run by itself. The trustees put in a great deal of work in various areas, but we always need volunteers to hep in the following areas :
Hanging pictures and laying out exhibitions
Taking down exhibitions
Manning the gallery during opening hours
Minor maintenance tasks
Caring for baskets and tubs
Helping with poster distribution

It would also be particularly useful if any members felt they might take on parts of the administration and day-to-day operation - for example, it would be good to have a membership secretary, whose job was to keep track of members, who has paid and not paid, and seeking out / encouraging new members.
It would be good, too, if a single individual might take responsibility for organising workshops including finding out what members want, idenifying tutors, finding time slots and promoting to members

Currently Lena Fallows looks after cleaning duties and Ronnie Thain looks after our Facebook ad Twitter accounts. Rod Purcell and Mike Evans take the lead with the phoographic group whilst Katie JKackson leads on the textile art group. Thelma MacBeth looks after a weekly art group that meets in Kingussie High School mainly in the winter and Pat Hughes has recently instigated an art discussion group. Dave Fallows currently looks after poster production, but the main line of publicity is looked ater by Roy Alexander. Dave also looks after the web and leads on exhibitions organisation generally as well as season planning.

IF THERE IS ANY AREA THAT YOU FEEL YOU COULD HELP WITH, PHONE DAVE ON 07543 6433413 OR EMAIL badenochandstratharts@gmail.com